Healing Eye Injuries on Horses


Eric, Cathy and the Heal with Ease team work miracles on people, animals and even properties. I came to Heal with Ease for some help when my horse had an ulcer form on his eye which was looking very nasty.

Originally I went to the vets who prescribed an ointment to put on his eye twice a day for a week. I went ahead and did this each day, however saw no improvement. Instead, his eye was getting worse. The eye was becoming very swollen, he was unable to open it, his eye was watery and he was constantly nodding his head all day and night because of the pain. Rather than going back to the vet like they suggested I came to Cathy to begin healing plans on him.

Within a couple of days after starting his first plan I could see some changes occurring. The swelling on his eye was reducing and he was starting to open it a little bit more each day, however he still continued nodding his head. After his second plan was completed I saw dramatic changes had occurred. His eye was now fully open, not swollen and he wasn’t nodding his head as much anymore. The ulcer on his eye had reduced in size and was now only visible as a scar. Although his eye was looking near normal again I proceeded him on to his third plan so that we could stop him from nodding his head and heal his eye completely. At the completion of this plan his nod was completely gone and his eye was looking like normal again. Thank you Heal with Ease for your amazing work.

Although I originally asked Eric & Cathy to complete healing plans on my horse for his eye I did notice some other considerable changes occurring throughout these three plans. For several years now my horses had been rubbing their tails to the extent that they had rubbed all the hair out at the top. Everyone we asked about it would say it is probably because they have worms. I couldn’t understand how that could be because I had them wormed regularly and also had several tests done by the vets to see if they had worms. These tests were coming back negative every time. However, the Heal with Ease team had managed to get to the bottom of this problem through doing these healing plans.

My horse had stopped rubbing his tail and as each plan progressed, his hair was growing back nicely. After all these years trying to work out the problem and all the frustration, we had it healed and looking amazing after only three plans.

I would highly recommended Eric, Cathy and the Heal with Ease team to help get to the bottom of your health issues, your animals health issues and even problems with your property. They not only work miracles but it is super easy due to their distant healing method. Hannah Monckton, Inverell

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