Natural remedies for my competition horses and I – Testimonial

Hi Cathy & Eric

I could never have imagined that my life and that of my horses would be forever changed with a chance conversation with an old acquaintance (Chris) who told  my sister and I about a product called Heal With Ease.  Initially, we both thought???, but knowing him, he was the last person that we thought would use something as “left field” as this, it wasn’t something that either of us would have looked into otherwise.

I have regular tests done on myself and my horses and even my dogs.  There is no set time that I need checking  but obviously now being more in tune with my body and my horses I seem to sense that something is not right, usually, I’m spot on.  Whether it’s me feeling flat or exhausted or strung out stressing about nothing in particular or life just isn’t humming like it should be, I now rely on Cathy and Eric to get me balanced up again.  I still don’t understand how it works and why it works, but like I say to people “you take you computer to the technician do you know how he fixes it or what he does to it”? 

My horses play top-level Polocrosse and have been treated for as many years as myself now, with great results. Again sometimes I cannot put my finger on it but they aren’t sick or anything like that but just not themselves and usually, they have dropped back to 60 – 70%.  It’s amazing the difference a plan can make to them, I suppose like us humans they are coming into contact with so many various different things that it is to be expected.  I am not against Doctors or Vets but feel that there is a place for many different types of therapies.

I also use the Heal with Ease Sprays (my go-to box of tricks) which are for animals and humans, so if you see me a Polocrosse you will often see me give my horses a Sports Recovery Spray and a Number 4 spray (for dehydration or fever) after playing and I also give myself the very same sprays as well.  They are easy to administer just tap bottle a number of times and spray in the mouth.  Even if my horse gets a hit in the eye no problems straight to my spray box and they get the spray for eye injuries, again straight in the mouth I don’t have to stress them by trying to get something in their eye. I have a printed sheet which I look down as to what the problem is ie: splinter, bite, accident and then just use the recommended number sprayer if there is something I’m not sure on a quick call or email to Cathy or Eric and they let me know what to use. 

Thank you so much, Cathy and Eric, I am so glad that our paths have crossed and look forward to many more years of health, happiness and peace of mind. Wendy

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