Hormone Support Through Healing Plans

Earlier this year I came across Cathy’s distance healing work after purchasing a couple of remedies from Heal With Ease online.

I am familiar with homeopathy having used it frequently to treat my animals with good success. I happened to ask Cathy if the worming remedy I had purchased could be used at the same time as another remedy I was giving my mare at that point. In telling Cathy what was happening with my mare, Cathy suggested that the chosen remedy wasn’t potent enough and suggested she could treat her with a stronger dose via distance. I gratefully accepted and was immediately curious if it would work. I saw a positive change so decided to embark on the distance healing program with Cathy to help my mare.

At that stage, my mare had only been with me for about six months and was struggling with her hormones and also periodic episodes of bloating, sometimes with colic. The hormones were the most troublesome part though. She could be heard at all hours of the night squealing and striking out at the geldings over the fence. She would also be quite bossy and irritable towards me given the chance.

Throughout the distance healing program with Cathy, I noticed really positive changes.

My mare retains all of the beautiful attributes that make her a strong, intelligent girl but it’s now coupled with a much less volatile streak. Her hormones seem to have greatly settled but I love that we haven’t dulled her or stripped away her feminine qualities! She’s sweet and affectionate now and so much easier to work with. I’m also really grateful for Cathy’s ability to support her when she experienced some colic-type episodes and was impressed with the quick relief. Would thoroughly recommend the distance healing programs!

A.C. Qld, Australia.

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