Our Monty

In late December our beautiful horse Monty had an accident.

We don’t really know what happened but she came home lame from the paddock. It had been wet and we thought she may have slipped or had a stone bruise. We gave her some accident remedies and started a healing plan.

A month went by and she appeared to be getting worse, not better. We made a call to a friend who is a farrier and he said there was nothing he could do until she could bare weight and that we might need to call the vet.

We are not big on vets. For people who run a dozen working dogs, occasionally breed pups and have other animals, we have only been to our town vet once in 10 years and that was to have our cat desexed. Also, we knew the vet would be very expensive and doubted they would be able to do anything and we’d end up having to put Monty to sleep.

So what to do – we embarked on a dedicated process of soaking her swollen foot morning and night, hand-feeding her and running fast healing plans on her back-to-back.

Unlike many other healing events, this time we have video footage to show the changes. I’m happy to report that 6 weeks after the first video Monty is back to walking properly. It’s quite a miracle I think.

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