Equine Healing for Little TR with Vertebral Spurs

This testimonial came from Cheri Riva-Heffren from Chualar, California, US

I bought an off the track 3 year old quarter horse gelding in June of 2015. He had suffered a fall during a race as a 2 year old, and although he checked out okay on the pre-purchase exam, he has never been right since his purchase.

For 3 and a half years we have been trying to peel the layers to get to the bottom of what is wrong with him. To name just a few things: He is generally uncoordinated (stubs front toes, back end not connected to front end) and has a hard time cantering, especially on the right lead. He is really tough to shoe on the front end, requiring pain medication and tranquilizer to get it done. He has also never played like a young energetic horse should. Aside from the multitude of physical issues, he has been absent emotionally and at times just seemed like he was in pain everywhere.

We have x-rayed and ultra sounded nearly every part of his body, we’ve injected, chiropracted, acupunctured, lasered, applied essential oils, treated for EPM, supplemented and had osteopathic and cranio-sacral work done. All of these modalities only provided temporary changes or pain relief. During these brief periods, I would see glimpses of the wonderful animal I knew was in there, but his body just seemed incapable of healing.

In October of 2018 he began to noticeably decline. He became much more neurologic (esp in the front end). We decided to do a CT Scan & Myelogram of his neck in January of 2019 based on these changes. It revealed spurs on the C2-C3 and C6-C7 articular process joints that are pressing on the spinal cord, more than likely from the trauma of his fall at the track. The word “Euthanasia” began to be thrown around. Desperate to find a solution, my research began and one path led me to the Heal With Ease website. I reached out to Catherine about my horse and she couldn’t have been nicer. They began working on my horse right away. 5 recommended distance healing plans later, and we are seeing some extremely positive results.

He has been shod twice since beginning the distance healing and has improved each time, not requiring any tranquilizer or extra pain medication on the last shoeing (he is on once daily equioxx 57 mg). Honestly, the last shoeing is the best he’s ever been since owning him. His energy level is up with some short bouts of bucking and playing in turnout. I’ve also been able to do a little round corral work and light riding where he has actually been willing to do some cantering. He seems generally more coordinated than before with a noticeable decrease in front toe stabbing and tripping. An additional change is in his emotional state. He actually seems joyful most of the time and I am really starting to feel like we are connecting (yay!). It’s hard for me to explain, but on an intuitive level, I feel a shift in his body’s ability to heal. We are still doing some physical treatments (Chiropractic & Acupuncture) that we did in the past, but now, I feel we are getting results that are sustaining him. My chiropractor was just here, treating him for the first time since having the distance healing plans, and he commented that my horse FINALLY felt ready for the body work and adjustments that he provides.

I am over the moon with the changes I am seeing. I will continue on with his current physical and supplementation programs (Chiro, Acupuncture, High dose Vitamin E and a highly absorbable Calcium product that’s supposed to dissolve bone spurs over time) along with the distance healing plans that Catherine recommends!

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