Relieving Horses of an Unbearable Itch

We were first introduced to Cathy & Eric’s healing work back in 2017. Since then we’ve had healing plans and used remedies on ourselves, our properties and our animals. Which include dogs, chooks, horses, sheep and cattle.

Starting with healing plans on ourselves first, we both experienced an improvement in our energy levels, sleeping patterns and overall health and well-being.

We have had so many wonderful and positive results working with Cathy & Eric. We’ve used the physical remedies for Pink EyeRetained Placenta with a young cow.

Another example of how well the healing plans work was this year we had 6 horses all madly itching, from head to tail. There was no evidence of a rash, but they were all looking for something to relieve the itch on. After contacting Cathy & Eric who started working on them, the horses itching slowly decreased over about a week and a half. You could see the relief in the horses. It was amazing to see the transformation.

The above are just a few examples of the healing that has taken place with our animals. Another example is, we had a sick weaner that needed assistance to stand, 2 days after the healing plan he was standing by himself and then once we put him back with the herd, we couldn’t even pick him out.

We also do monthly worming and so much more with Cathy & Eric. I haven’t even mentioned the success we have had with the healing plans on the property. That’s a testimonial for another time.

We just can’t speak highly enough of the work Cathy, Eric and the team do.

It’s been wonderful to be able to treat everything on our farms with either healing plans or physical remedies and know that we are building health in ourselves, the animals and the soil at the same time. Also knowing that we haven’t had to use any chemicals or drenches is certainly a great feeling. Thanks Cathy, Eric 🙂

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