Shirley’s Story

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

On 2nd February 2017 we picked up our new pony and sulky Forrest Frills known as Shirley. This was a Thursday and on the Saturday we took our other horse Tilly and Shirley to attend a clinic. This was a great event that opened so many doors for my husband and I.

On Tuesday 7th February our hopes and dreams were shattered with Tilly having a freak accident and breaking her neck right beside Shirley. Shirley remained very calm and was put out in the paddock beside the goings on. It was a very traumatic time.

On 24th February, I noticed that Shirley wasn’t well. We were to do our first competition with her and she could walk but not trot without limping. We took her to the vet at this stage, he diagnosed Laminitis, previous foundering and the start of cushings disease. To me it was like she had lost the will to live. I was not happy with how things were progressing with Shirley so I phoned a very good friend whom had athletic horses. I asked for her help. She told me she was into some ‘freaky stuff’ and that I would love it. It’s different but it works she said, although she wasn’t sure how it works.

So I made the call to Heal with Ease and spoke with Eric. He was very patient with me as I was a blubbering mess. I really believed Shirley was going to die. He asked me to send him a photo of Shirley. To my astonishment they put into practice emergency treatment for Shirley. I was comfortable with the treatment knowing it was energy healing as I work in a similar way. Shirley’s first review showed that she was running at 52% of her health and that she would need 6 treatments. I agreed to get underway. Heal with Ease needed to know that Shirley was beside her new friend when she died and that she was recently rehomed as I believe this all contributed to her state of health.

The first session with Heal with Ease was to help her regain her will to live, or that’s how I observed things. I was unsure the best food to feed her. Heal with Ease tested the best food for her and we found that she shouldn’t have oaten or wheaten chaff or bran but I could feed her lucerne and rye grass hay.

On Monday, 6th March I was still soaking Shirley’s feed in epsom salt baths and it was recommended that she not see a chiropractor but to have her toes squared up. It was amazing to see the change in her foot placement and her movement.

On Friday, 24th March, Shirley’s next program started and she was acting full of life. She appeared to be bored with just being in the paddock now so we harnessed her up in her sulky and took her out. We attended a mini CDE where we nursed her thru but you could see she was very happy to be back. The healing was bringing out a major detox in Shirley to things I had never heard of. We took her to another event on 1st and 2nd April. After the first day I washed her down and all this black stuff came out of her skin. I didn’t panic as I knew she was detoxing. I had never seen anything like this before. It was easy to see on her because she is white.

The Sunday of this event we just had to get around clear to qualify for the Nationals which we had our hearts set on. Shirley qualified. When we washed her down on the Sunday she was still detoxing but not as profusely and she finished the weekend competition energized and amazingly not sore.

On Tuesday, 11th April another treatment and Shirley was at 75% wellness. On Wednesday we loaded her onto our truck and we were on our way to South Australia for the Nationals. Friday was the fitness vet check and her heart rate was 44 which was great. I knew she was reacting to her new treatment as she was rolling a lot but not out of sorts.

Saturday was dressage and she went the best since we got her. Sunday was the marathon 18km and 8 obstacles. We decided we’d give her a go. It was hard going and with the help of the Sports Recovery remedy she got through. Her heart rate half way was 70 and then to finish it was 46 (amazing).

Monday was cones she was not tired or sore, it was an easy day. This pony has made an amazing recovery and was full of life and loving what she was doing. Thank you Heal with Ease. After Easter, Shirley went into her next treatment and we were at another competition. Friday was vet check. This was the day she decided to detox from her head and front legs. She just passed the vet check. I was concerned and messaged Eric and he was there to support us both. Thank you for being there for my support, it was huge. It was a hard course. We didn’t push her but it’s amazing how much these ponies want to give.

Shirley is about to have another treatment [healing plan] and I look forward to seeing what comes up to clear and heal this time. She has totally changed our lives and so have Eric and Cathy AND we are still not done. Thank you so much for your work. You have no idea what JOY you have given us through Shirley. Thank you. Love and blessings Debbie

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