Administering Remedies

Administering of energy remedies is very easy. This was part of the reason we called our business Heal with Ease.

Our remedies can be provided in a few different forms; the most popular options being pilule or liquid.

The pilule remedies are a special sugar tablet that is completely void of any other substance. They are sweet, and can be swallowed, sucked or dissolved under the tongue. Alternatively they may also be dissolved in water and a small spoonful of the solution administered.

The liquid remedies are again very simple to administer to your animals. First you must simply activate the remedy; you do this with 10 firm taps of the bottle onto your hand. Then 1-2 drops are placed on the animals nose or just inside the mouth. A natural reaction is to lick their nose which is perfectly fine, however, if you’re struggling with this procedure you can stir the drops into their water bowl, and then allow them to drink. Once you have seen them drink the water, then take it away and cleanse the bowl thoroughly before giving fresh water. (These remedies are to be stored in alcohol or distilled water).

So you see, healing with remedies is easy. It’s also natural, non-toxic and very healthy for the environment.

Special thanks to Sarah for sharing with us how you treat your horses with your Heal with Ease Products. They look pretty happy with their remedies and take the so easily. We do offer spray bottles which are easier again, with no chance of spilling.

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