Natural Treatment for QLD Itch

Thursday, 29 October 2015

We have been working with Wanda L. in QLD since November 2011. Today she emailed us this testimonial about the work we have done with her Horse with QLD itch, her dogs teeth and her personally. Every year as the weather heats up Wanda organises a plan for Nirji to keep him itch free. “Cathy, I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with the results I am achieving from using various homeopathic treatments on myself and my animals over the last year or so. For my animals, my dog’s teeth have not looked better. As I have 5 I do not give them bones often unless I am there to supervise, so was looking for an alternative method to help keep them clean when I read about the ‘tartar remedy” and I have not looked back. They are all around the 10 year age mark and all whilst their teeth are not as white as when young, their teeth are very clean and gleam with health.

My horses have also benefited with being treated by homeopathic, none more so than Nirji. When I first approached you his body was very itch and in places (especially his backside/tail and neck) had patches off them from constant rubbing. From speaking with you, I did decide to place Nirji on a treatment plan and even though it did take quite a few treatment plans, he is now looking his best. His coat/tail and neck are looking very good plus his coat is very shiny.

As Queensland Itch is one of the hardest skin conditions to keep in check within Queensland I will be keeping Nirji on a yearly treatment plan with you. Plus using the Detox and V&M treatment in between or when needed.

For myself, I have a mixture of treatments that I am finding to be very useful – Youth Remedy, HWE Tonic, Arthritis and Tartar Remedy. My skin feels softer since using the Youth Remedy, plus whenever I feel like I am starting to get a cold or feeling ‘run down’ I just need to take the HWE Tonic for a couple of days and I start to feel better, plus my teeth and mouth have not felt so clean since starting with the Tartar Remedy. It was only the other day that I was wondering what was looking different and I noticed that the ‘build up’ from above my front teeth due to being a bridge had just about gone. Before this even the dentist when in for a ‘clean’ could not remove this ‘build up’ from my teeth, they would try, then just leave it. It had become quite dark, but now since using the Tartar Remedy it has just about disappeared completely.

Thank you very much Cathy for your support and wonderful friendly service, I know that you are only a email and/or phone call away if needed.

Wanda M., Queensland

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