Anxiety and Fertility Issues for a Mare

Monday, 6 August 2018

Hi, I have a bay mare I call Sherie, whom I’ve owned all her life, she will be 17 in December this year. In 2017 I noticed Sherie wasn’t herself. When you seen her down the paddock she looked depressed and angry, she never seemed to be happy or content regardless in what paddock you put her in. When she was with the other horses she would single out a friend and not let them out of her sight or she would get very anxious, you could almost say she had anxiety. Just to catch her and lead her anywhere was a battle. This was definitely not the mare that I knew.

I had been hoping to breed her to my stallion this breeding season, but Sherie would have nothing to do with him, and would not show being in season. I was talking to my younger sister on the phone regarding Sherie, as she knows her quite well. She suggested I try doing a Heal with Ease distance plan on Sherie, as she had tried one on her old working dog. Sherie had 5 plans in total. After the first 3 plans you could notice contentment and change to her body shape. By the 5th plan she was calm, relaxed and a pleasure to handle. Sherie’s last treatment was around the end of April, and in June she come into season. Lisa QLD

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