Saving an Orphan Foal using Energy Remedies

Monday, 2 October 2017

Just over 2 years ago I had the very sad experience of losing my dear old mare after she had given birth to a very handsome colt. Buddy, as we have called him was about 3 weeks old when his mumma passed. So what to do with an orphan foal – We purchased special foal feed, foal milk formula, which we just sprinkled over the feed as we could not get him to drink. We ran him with another old mare, (she kind of looked after him.) I also treated him with a few Heal With Ease remedies which I purchased from Cathy and they were: Grief Remedy, No. 1 Accident Remedy and Settling Remedy. The remedies really helped him to cope with his ordeal.

He is now broken in and going really well – he has never looked like a poddy foal. I worm him and all our horses once a month with the Heal with Ease worming remedy, which keeps them looking good. Thanks Eric & Cathy for the remedies. They are so user friendly and come with clear instructions for their use. With Gratitude Mary-Anne P, in NSW.

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