Healing Post Castration Problems for Gelding

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The testimonial below is from Charlotte C. after we worked on her gelding MB after he had major health issues following his castration in October 2015. It was a very trusting thing Charlotte did here with MB because not only had she never worked with us before, we also asked her to trust us to work on MB distantly which is enough to stretch even the most open of minds.

I would like to thank Heal with Ease for the healing they carried out on my yearling MB in October 2015. He was diagnosed with Pleuritic and was very sick. Within 24 hours he had turned around to where he was eating and starting to exhibit his outgoing behaviour. The healing plan went for a fortnight and we followed this up with an additional healing plan a few weeks later.

He was gelded a couple of weeks before getting sick and knowing what I know now, I wish I had contacted Heal with Ease earlier to prepare him for this procedure and get his health into a state that would of supported him. A couple of months on he is a very happy, funny and playful boy. Charlotte

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