Traveling with Horses to Polocrosse Nationals in Darwin

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thanks Cathy, Eric & Heal with Ease. I have just returned from Darwin from the Australian Polocrosse Nationals, in all we traveled 7977kms. Whilst traveling I used the sports recovery both for the horses and myself which definitely helped, we bounced out of the truck at the end of each day no problems.

Whilst in Darwin with the heat I found that using No. 4 (Fever) for heat stress and dehydration, and the Sports Recovery during the game in between chukkas and afterwards helped the horses and myself recover a lot quicker. This is in fact the 3rd time I have been to a Nationals in Darwin, you could say I am a seasoned performer, not an old athlete, and I also had sports recovery in my drink bottle.

I believe preparation has a lot to do with how you and your horses perform at the top level, and the horses and myself over the last 12 months had been through Heal with Ease plans prior to leaving, so all were in tip top shape.

On a personal note when I started my first plan I was only running at 50% of my potential and didn’t have the enthusiasm or motivation and was easily stressed, my horses were running at 55%, 60% and 80%, at the end of our plans we were all above 90% and the difference in stamina, and well being was very noticeable and dealing with stresses of everyday life seem insignificant.

I have the sprays from 1-18 plus some extras and am using them when something arises, for things with the horses and myself like eye injuries, swellings, stings, tummy upsets and quite honestly haven’t taken any Panadol since, I can’t remember when. I think that everyday we are presented with chemicals, additives etc and our bodies are constantly under pressure and anything I can do to assist it to heal naturally is only a good thing. Cheers, Wendy Barlow Member of the NSW Mixed Masters Winning

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