Healing for Sundare

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sundare is a 12 year old thoroughbred mare who was destined for the doggers. I purchased her in September 2013 to breed a nice sportaloosa or 2. My daughter and I breed appaloosa’s. 2 weeks later she became profoundly unwell with abscesses in her right lung of unknown cause. We treated her for three months with about a 65 percent improvement. But she still had high temperatures, thick yellow nasal discharge, putrid breath and a cough. She lost a lot of weight. My vet bill was $1600. So I pulled the pin and said to her no more needles as she was very depressed. I heard about Heal with Ease. Sundare had 6 treatment plans. She has made a full recovery something the vets said wouldn’t happen and is a much loved member of our horse family. I highly recommend Cathy and Eric’s treatment plans. Regards, Sally Krohn

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