Promise Me a Miracle

Thursday, 29 October 2015

I would like to introduce you to Promise, short for Promise Me a Miracle. Promises’ journey to the earth has been a very long and involved tale full of grief, trauma and absolute joy. The following is Allyson’s account of how Promise came to be.

It has been of course a hectic time and lots going on, not to mention the way time flies when you find yourself sitting in a paddock watching a foal play. I swear sometimes Ive been there for days on end at a time…. !!! The beginning of my journey with Cosi started the day I rescued her, many many years ago now, and found that the two horses we had to take her away from were her own filly and colt, two horses she had never been parted from in their lives.

The separation was due to her being shot through the neck and left to die in the bush, so of course not negotiable that we get her out of there for treatment. Her agony at that parting made me promise to her that day, in the back yard of a friend who had room for a horse, that I would one day give her a foal she would not have to part with, ever. What a can of worms I opened!!!!!!

From Central Australia to Queensland and back to WA we have traveled. During that time I started with normal breeding methods, then when they didn’t work we investigated reasons why and went a little left of centre in order to bring that foal into existence… Until I was told by very highly qualified equine breeding specialists that the scarring in her uterus was beyond repair, and she would never ever have the foal I had promised her.

Still, an animal psychic friend in the States told me that she dreamed of Cosi with her OWN foal, and so I had a little voice in my mind saying “don’t give up”… We tried everything… Herbs and red light therapy and massage and everything in between…. Prayers and rain dances and speaking out loud to Epona… Years passed…. Then we found Heal with Ease. I don’t remember how long ago it was that I first told Cathy of her plight, perhaps it was Monti (Allyson’s German Shepherd) I first contacted Heal with Ease about. I still have Cosi’s Healing Plan in all its complicated glory – perhaps I should frame it!!!!!!

I followed the instructions to the letter, after reading about homeopathy which at that time I knew absolutely nothing about. (Not that much has changed LOL)….. December 2010, my beautiful girl slipped a foal, 7 months in utero, a beautiful black colt with a big white blaze just like his daddy…. but Phoenix, as I named him, was here for a very special reason. He made Cosi ready for the next stage of what was made possible, by ensuring the previously inhospitable uterine wall, resembling leather in the past, was now ready, waiting, warm and soft.

12 months is a long time when you are focused on every single change in a mare’s body and mind… I almost went out of my own mind in the last few months as the time of Phoenix’s early birth came and went, but this little foal stayed put. The vets had a guesstimate of mid November, so once again I started going grey, and the Moet remained in the fridge untouched.

Thursday December 23rd at 3.45am, after a dose of accident remedy to stave off any excessive labour pain, my beautiful Cosi finally realised the promise I had made to her 8 years ago, and Promise came into this world, amidst a still summer’s evening, hardly a whisper from her mother, but lots of tears from me. I managed to come back to earth long enough to administer her remedy 13 (Birthing), retained placenta, just in case, but everything seemed perfect.

Her full name is “Promise Me A Miracle” and whilst she is still changing, it looks like she will be a Golden Buckskin… just what I had prayed for from a palomino mother and black as the ace of spades father. She is everything I ever dreamed of, and more, but nothing will ever surpass the sheer love and joy I felt when I saw Cosi nurture that foal for the first time. Cosi is the centre of my universe, no doubt about that, and without Heal with Eases help with her specific healing plan and continued backup, none of this would have happened.

Is it any wonder that I tell everyone about Heal with Ease, everyone who needs help, be it for themselves, or their beloved animals. Anyone who needs a miracle, when they have run out of hope. Heal with Ease has helped create a miracle, in a little paddock in Mundijong WA, that has helped heal the hearts of a beautiful mare and her eternally grateful and blissfully happy owner. I can never, ever, thank Heal with Ease enough from the bottom of my heart. Love Allyson

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