Natural Healing for Debbie’s Family

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hi everyone my name is Debbie Davidge & I would like to tell you all about my journey along The Heal with Ease road.

I started approximately 12 months ago when a friend of a friend had told me she was using Heal with Ease with her horses & herself. My experience has been amazing, I purchased the breeders kit because we breed many Polocrosse horses and at the time I felt I could have been wasting a lot of money on something that may not work, how wrong was I!

In the last twelve months I have healed in my horses 3 badly ulcerated eyes, one was to the point of opaque white which I thought I would have had no hope with. I was sure the horse would be left blind in one eye but to my sheer pleasure she has made a full recovery & has full sight in the eye. Not once did I have to fight with a horse to put ointment in its eye NOT ONCE all I had to do was a simple spray into the mouth of the horse once or twice a day & put on a fly veil to reduce the light. We have also used our breeder’s kit for bonding Mares to foals & vice versa as well as for removal of placentas after the birth of a foal.

We have just arrived home from a trip to Darwin with 4 horses, this was a particularly long trip over 7,000klms & a very hot journey for our horses who were in the middle of winter in NSW. Two of the horses competed at the top level of the Men’s Polocrosse competition 5 days straight & they came through with flying colours winning the Australian Men’s Polocrosse Title, we used sports recovery & No. 4 Fever for heat stroke every game. The horses finished the week on all 8 cylinders & could have easily played another day. Both the playing horses had been on plans prior & during the trip. I often use the stress relief & performance anxiety spray prior to a game if the horses are a little agitated, its quite unbelievable how it relaxes/de-stresses them without taking the edge off them for our fast pace game. I am planning on using it this year when we break in our young stock looking forward to see what results we get.

On a personal level my 7 yr old son, my husband & myself have all been on & completed plans with Heal with Ease & the difference with my experience is that there is a lot less stress. Our house hums along quite nicely now & if you would have told me I was stressed before starting the plans I would have said that I did not suffer with it! People often ask me how does it work & my reply is “do you know how a computer works, I do not but I still use one”. I have never met Cathy or Eric & I have only conversed by email, text & phone. They are two of the most helpful & obliging people I know willing & able to help in any way they can. For me Heal with Ease is a no brainer it is easy to use, IT WORKS & it saves me money on vet bills & doctor bills so it’s a winner all round. Please do not get me wrong we all still need vets & doctors but there is also a perfect place for Heal with Ease in amongst them. I would personally like to thank Cathy & Eric for their help & never to much trouble attitude along the way & hope one day we get to meet. Yours Sincerely, Debbie Davidge